In addition to being a commercial port for the import and export of goods and indeed people, Port Adelaide has had a long history in commercial fishing – an oft dangerous activity for the unprepared in dangerous seas.

If you saw my Seafarer’s Memorials review you will be aware that more than 340 ships were wrecked along South Australia’s coast with the loss of many merchant seamen. In addition to these losses, since 1884 176 professional fishermen have also lost their lives in South Australian waters. I wonder how many amateurs have also perished.

This memorial, to lost professional fishermen, is a three sided black marble obelisk on two steps and lists the names of those who lost their lives.

The memorial, dedicated on 30 April 1998 by His Excellency Sir Eric Neal, Governor of South Australia, is a testament to the perils of the ocean and a reminder of the need for adequate training for the industry.

Fittingly, the memorial is associated with and located next to the Australian Maritime & Fisheries Academy which was established in 1997 as an industry managed, practically focused, education centre for the maritime, fishing and seafood industries.

Address: North Parade , Maritime Precinct
Directions: Looking towards the river, about 200 metres to your left from the red lighthouse

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