Koyasan – A Sacred Place In The Mountains


Koyasan or Mt Koyo was one of my favourite stops on my 2014 visit to Japan. Tucked away in the hills only 60kms south of Osaka I very nearly left it off our itinerary, being put off by what appeared to be a rather complex process for getting there. I am glad I wasn’t deterred as it was not that hard to get to and so, so much worth it when we did. Continue reading “Koyasan – A Sacred Place In The Mountains”


Adelaide Botanic Garden


There are three Botanic Gardens in the Adelaide area:

The Adelaide Botanic Garden
Mount Lofty Botanic Garden, and
Mittunga Botanic Garden.

The now 125 acres Adelaide Botanic Garden which opened to the public in 1857, at the Eastern end of North Terrace, is the most accessible of the three. That doesn’t mean you should only go there. They are all very different and each very much worth a visit (separate reviews on the others). Continue reading “Adelaide Botanic Garden”

South Australian Museum – How Museums Used To Be


Many people think of Adelaide itself as dated, boring and a bit of a museum. It hardly any wonder then that the main museum there – the South Australian Museum is a “museum of a museum”. While museums world wide are being jazzed up and turned into interactive and politically correct experiences this museum is like entering a time-warp – a museum straight out of the sixties were stuffed animals and locked (though not dusty) display cabinets crammed with artefacts prevail. That said, it has used a more contemporary approach in a few areas – such as the exhibition on the Australian Antarctic explorer Sir Douglas Mawson which is appropriately supported by real artefacts of interest.

You are probably thinking that I don’t like the place. Far from it, I love it. Continue reading “South Australian Museum – How Museums Used To Be”