“Adelaide – bend a knee or raise a glass”


” Adelaide – city of churches and pubs”

When it comes to comparing Australian State and Territory capitals Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is often referred to as a boring and sleepy place with little to offer the visitor – other than those of the blue rinse brigade. Many years ago now I recall going to a cinema one afternoon. While I can’t recall what movie I saw I vividly recall that everyone else, other than me, in the cinema (four or five) sported a blue rinse.

In more recent times things have changed and Adelaide (the city centre) has undergone a rapid transformation and taken together with outer suburbs such as Semaphore, Glenelg and Port Adelaide (to name but a few) and the Adelaide Hills, famous for its wineries and historic towns like Handorf, is up there with Australia’s more famous cities in terms of visitor attractions.

I visit Adelaide at least annually and I trust my reviews to follow will entice you to visit this wonderful laidback city and its environs. Given the number of reviews I have on Adelaide and its environs (with more coming), I have split the greater Adelaide area (and thence my reviews) into a number of areas as detailed below.

To get your bearings the numbers below correspond to the same numbers on this map. The area covered by the map is approximately 35kms by 35kms.


Within each area I have developed ‘a loop’ which, if followed by clicking on the link to the next review at the bottom of each review, will take you through all reviews in that section. To start reading a loop click on the first review listed against the area below.

Alternatively, if you just want to look at a specific review click on the link below.

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1. Adelaide City Centre

North Terrace – Adelaide’s main tourist drag – If you only have a day in Adelaide this is where you might want to spend most of it.

Fowler’s “Lion” Factory
Paint The Town Any Colour You Like!
Holy Trinity Anglican Church
Yerrakartarta – Aboriginal Art
Adelaide Railway Station

Adelaide Casino And Its Marble Hall
Old Parliament House
Parliament House
South African War Memorial aka Boer War Memorial
Government House – Adelaide

Dame Roma Mitchell – Was She Or Wasn’t She?
Adelaide’s Venere di Canova
Who Is That Lurking In The Shrubbery? – 4 Notable Adelaideians
Captain Matthew Flinders
National War Memorial – Lest We Forget

27% Of Australians Born Overseas – Migration Museum
Edward VII Erect in Full Coronation Regalia
Robert Burns – For Auld Lang Syne, My Dear
The State Library of South Australia
South Australian Museum – How Museums Used To Be

The Art Gallery of South Australia
The University of Adelaide
Scots Church
Ayers House
Light Horse Memorial

War Horse Memorial
Adelaide Botanic Garden

City East – This selection of reviews covers Rundle Mall (the City’s main shopping area) and the East End (within the City centre) with its abundance of churches and pubs and lots more. Lots of interesting history here.

Beehive Corner
Rundle Mall – Shops, Pigs, Balls and a Fountain
The Adelaide Arcade
The Adelaide Arcade – Coat of Arms
The Regent Arcade (Theatre)

The Grand Central and the Intolerant Evangelist
The Old City Synagogue
Gerard & Goodman Pty Ltd.
The Former East End Market
Former Adelaide Fruit and Produce Exchange

Pubs In Adelaide’s East End
Alice in (Rymill Park) Wonderland
Tandanya Aboriginal Arts Centre
Tandanya – Street Art
Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Flinders Street Baptist Church
United Ancient Order of Druids in Adelaide
Observatory House
Pilgrim Uniting Church
Pirie Street Methodist Church and Meeting Hall

Cathedral Church of St Francis Xavier
Saint Mary of the Cross
St Mary Magdalene and Mission Hall
Adelaide Himeji (Japanese) Garden

City West – Lots of interesting things here covering the area to the west of King William Street covering Victoria Square, Central Markets, Chinatown, Afgan cameleers, a local King and his palace and a visit from the prophet Elijah!

Victoria Square/ Tarndanyangga
Victoria R.I. – In Adelaide
Three Rivers Fountain
John McDouall Stuart Memorial
CC Kingston – Patriot and Statesman

Topham Mall – Street Art
Trade Hall Lane’s Ball
Adelaide’s Chinatown
A Place of Insidious Temptation
\T.Chow Chinese Restaurant: “Yum Cha in Chinatown” – Eating

A Royal Palace in the West End
Adelaide Town Hall
The Prophet Elijah Visits the Adelaide Town Hall
Adelaide Mosque
Voyagers – A Tribute to Australia’s Cameleers

2. North Adelaide – one for a start!

St Peters Anglican Church

3. Adelaide by the Sea – Outer Harbor to Brighton – Adelaide’s seaside suburbs along the coast of Gulf St Vincent, excluding those having their own loops:

Outer Harbor Station And Its Artwork
The Goat Lady
Largs Bay And The Largs Pier Hotel
Semaphore – A More Traditional Seaside Resort
Tennyson Dunes

Estcourt House
Catch the Train to Grange
Henley Beach and Square
Henely Beach – Mosaics
Metal Birds by the Sea

Park your Bicycle by the Beach?
Breakout Creek Wetlands – Nice Detour From Coast
Take the Tram to Glenelg
Brighton – Wining, Dining and Promenading
Brighton Arch of Remembrance

A Tribute to a Noble Woman
Person Sitting on Bench – Brighton
Dunluce ‘Castle’ and the Reverend Macully
St Jude’s Cemetery – and Sir Douglas Mawson
Shark Attacks and Beach Safety

……….4. Semaphore – Separate Section

……….5. Glenelg – Separate Section

……….6. Port Adelaide -Separate Section

7. Adelaide Hills and Foothills – Mt Lofty, Waterfall Gully and Wittunga Botanic Garden – lovely gardens and great walking here.

Mt Lofty Summit – Panoramic View Of Adelaide
Mt Lofty Botanic Garden
Waterfall Gully – Oasis On City Outskirts
Waterfall Gully to Mount Lofty Summit Walk
Wittunga Botanic Garden – Australia v South Africa

8. North and Northeast Suburbs

Torrens Island Market “Lovely….. . You gotta buy them, lovely ladies.”

Non Area Specific

Adelaide For Young And Old
Cycling In Adelaide – General Review

Day-trips from Adelaide

General Transportation

Bus, Tram, Train – Tickets and Routes
Travel by Tram
Free Bus Services – 99A/C and 98A/C
Get A Free Bicycle For The Day