Much of what I have written, and plan to write, is better read in a sequence other than in the order I have added it to my blog. Accordingly, by adding links at the end of each entry to what I feel is the most logical ‘next entry’, I have set up a loop of entries for each of the locations detailed below.

To start reading a loop click on the desired link below and it will take you to the first entry in that loop. The number in brackets indicates the number of entries/reviews in that specific loop.

At the end of each entry you can continue on the the next entry or return to the beginning of the loop.

It’s easier than it sounds so pick a location below and enjoy your trip with The Rambling Wombat!

Ascension Island (Mid- Atlantic)


Ascension Island (37)



Australia Wide (1);       Tharwa (ACT) (8);     Namadgi National Park (ACT) (13);

Young (NSW) (7)


Sydney (NSW) – Index Here

Canberra (ACT) – Index Here

Adelaide (SA) – Index Here



Beijing (16)



Bundoran (10)



Riga – General (6);   Riga – Old City (34);   Riga – Outside the Old City (32)

New Caledonia


Ile des Pins (18);       Maré (9)

North Korea – DPRK


Best read in the order listed.

North Korea – Overview (15);       Pyongyang (66);      Kaesong (13);      Panmunjom (DMZ) (16);    Nampo (6);     Myohyang-san (6)    Sinuiju (18)

Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea (14)



Sighisoara (19)

St Helena (South Atlantic)


St Helena (37)

United Kingdom


London (20)       Enniskillen/County Fermanagh (50)    Londonderry/Derry (35)


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    1. Lovely of you to find me here Ingrid and thank you for the compliment. I have been/and still have connection problems at the minute but I cant blame that for the delay in responding… rather sorry I have been busy/lazy lol.


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