Hall of Memory


The centrepiece of the Australian War Memorial is the absolutely stunning and evocative Hall of Memory, containing the Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier. It is located at the far end of the commemorative courtyard, past the Pool of Reflection. Walk straight ahead when you enter the War Memorial. Continue reading “Hall of Memory”


Great Choral Synagogue – Memorial


In one of the most blood curdling crimes perpetrated by the Nazis in Riga, on 4 July 1941 (three days after taking control of the city from the Red Army) they herded hundreds of Latvian and Lithuanian Jews into the basement of the Great Choral Synagogue and then burned the building to the ground. Everyone therein perished. Continue reading “Great Choral Synagogue – Memorial”

Take a Walk in the Moscow District


One of my fondest memories of Riga is the half day or so we spent wandering around the Moscow District (Maskavas forštate), also (or rather officially) called Latgale, and in so doing discovering one of the lesser-explored parts of Riga. The Moscow District, Riga’s first suburb outside the walled Old City, dates back to the 14th century though nothing of the medieval period remains to be seen to-day. Continue reading “Take a Walk in the Moscow District”

The General Post Office (Former)


While no longer a post office, the exterior of this building, thankfully, retains its classical elegance and beauty. The interior which now, in the main, comprises the lobby, bars and restaurants of the Westin Sydney Hotel, retains a significant number of architectural features of the former post office but it’s just not the same and to me more resembles the recreated architecture of a Las Vegas casino than the original building interior that it actually was. That said, what’s here is better than nothing, and I do especially like that part of the original ceiling which remains accessible to pubic view as depicted in picture four attached. Continue reading “The General Post Office (Former)”

War Memorial – On the Diamond

The square at the centre of the walled City of Derry, the point at which the four main streets from the four original city gates converge, is called the Diamond and is the former location of various civic buildings and a market. In fact, three former town halls were located here. In 1904 a fire in Austin’s Department store on the Diamond (the building behind the war Memorial in picture one attached) also destroyed the town hall from which point the Diamond then hosted a small garden. Continue reading “War Memorial – On the Diamond”