What did we say about the Flower Show?


North Korean flower shows are not quite the same as flower shows elsewhere. Well, that’s not really a surprise as nothing is quite the same in North Korea. Continue reading “What did we say about the Flower Show?”


Kim Il-sung Square


Many readers will have seen video and pictures from North Korea showing parades of thousands of goose stepping soldiers (and they do it very well) and armoured vehicles carrying the most up to date military hardware including rockets and missiles (though many are just mock-ups) passing a review stand of the military top brass, barely able to stand upright due to the weight of medals on their tunics. Continue reading “Kim Il-sung Square”

Monument to the Foundation of the Workers’ Party


Having been entertained at the Mass Dance held in honour of 102nd anniversary of Kim Il-sung’s birthday it was time to move across the square and visit what was the backdrop to the dancing – the Monument to the Foundation of the Workers’ Party. I had attempted to walk the hundred metres or so to the monument earlier, unaccompanied by a guide, and was asked to return to the group as the open monument was ‘not open’.

When we arrived as a group, a few minutes later, it was ‘open’. Continue reading “Monument to the Foundation of the Workers’ Party”

Let’s Dance – Mass Dance


Having had lunch and then joined locals in the Moranbong Youth Park for a walk and a picnic we were all feeling a little lethargic. What better way to work it of than have a dance.

Not known for doing things in small measure, when North Koreans dance they like to do it on a grand scale and on national holidays they regularly engage in organised Mass Dances. Continue reading “Let’s Dance – Mass Dance”