Goulburn Historic Waterworks Museum

The museum is located in the original Waterworks building on the banks of the Wollondilly River, at Marsden Weir. In addition to the museum providing an insight into the history of Goulburn’s water supply, the surrounding park area is a lovely location to enjoy a picnic and/ or a walk along the river. ‘Steaming days’ on which the original water pump can be seen in operation are held on an irregular basis (about six times per year) and an annual Steampunk Victoriana Fair weekend is held here, annually in October. Continue reading “Goulburn Historic Waterworks Museum”

Water For The Port – Formby Memorial Fountain


One for lovers of Victoriana.

Drinking water has been a problem in Port Adelaide since the port’s founding in the 1830s. Some would say it remains a problem for Adelaide even today with its very hard water – though it tastes fine to me. Continue reading “Water For The Port – Formby Memorial Fountain”