Rocky Hill Memorial Museum

Being a regular visitor to the Australian War Memorial museum in Canberra I am used to a focus on Australia’s contribution to various wars with Australian and ally artefacts and some war trophies being used to tell that story. While the Rocky Hill Memorial certainly covers Australia’s contribution the focus here is much more on the exhibition of war trophies (enemy objects captured and taken from the field of battle by the victor) – such that visitors, especially Australians ‘can see the tangible results of’ the valour of Australia’s armed services overseas. Continue reading “Rocky Hill Memorial Museum”

Rocky Hill War Memorial

Normally War Memorials and Cenotaphs are centrally located within towns and cities and especially so in smaller country towns. Consequently, it did strike me as a little odd that Goulburn’s memorial, to those who served in World War I, should be situated a few kilometres away from the centre of the city on top of a prominent rocky outcrop. Continue reading “Rocky Hill War Memorial”

Belmore Park War Memorials

Belmore Park, in the centre of Goulburn, has not one but three War Memorials none of which relate to the most commemorated war of all, World War I. The most impressive of the memorials here is the one commemorating those who served and died in the Second Boer War. The others are an Honour Roll, honouring those who served in World War II and subsequent wars up to and including Vietnam, and a National Servicemen’s Memorial remembering all the National Servicemen from Australia who served between 1951 and 1972. Continue reading “Belmore Park War Memorials”

Belmore Park – The Living Heart of Goulburn

The centrepiece or living heart of Goulburn is the beautiful Belmore Park, a peaceful green oasis in the centre of one of the cleanest and tidiest cities (while officially a city it only has a population of 24,000) that I have visited. The Park is full of interesting things in itself, it has a few good cafes around about it and all of the city’s central attractions are within an easy walk. Continue reading “Belmore Park – The Living Heart of Goulburn”

Edith Cavell – A ‘Glorious Specimen Of Womanhood’

52I have passed by this memorial, just off the northeast corner of Trafalgar Square and across the road from the National Portrait Gallery, many times without even noticing it much less pausing to see that it is in memory of Edith Louisa Cavell, a British civilian nurse in World War I, who was executed by a German firing squad for helping Allied soldiers escape from German-occupied Belgium. Continue reading “Edith Cavell – A ‘Glorious Specimen Of Womanhood’”

Not Really a Boer War Memorial


While classified as a Boer War Memorial by the tourist authorities this is not actually a memorial. Rather it is a plaque on the wharf adjacent to the Port Adelaide Lighthouse, maarking the point from which the first contingent of South Australian Infantry boarded the PS Yatala, for subsequent transfer to the troopship Medic, as they set out for South Africa on 31 October 1899. The plaque was placed here in 1999 to commemorate the commencement of the Boer War one hundred years earlier in 1899. Continue reading “Not Really a Boer War Memorial”

Semaphore – War Memorial

I really like this impressive granite war memorial, located between the beach and the small town centre (main street), which also serves as a useful timepiece with a clock on each face of the memorial. It doesn’t really matter that the time on each clock differs by a few minutes – you’re here for leisure purposes. From a memorial perspective the clock reminds us that times passes by for all of us. On top of the memorial is a white marble Angel of Peace (the Semaphore Angel) or is it Winged Victory, with wings outspread and symbolical palm in hand? Continue reading “Semaphore – War Memorial”