Tidbinbilla – Nature on the Outskirts of Canberra


Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve was established in 1971 and affords Canberra residents and tourists alike a fantastic opportunity to explore and enjoy the native flora and fauna of a beautiful natural valley, framed by granite topped hills, just a short drive from Canberra. Continue reading “Tidbinbilla – Nature on the Outskirts of Canberra”


Letterbox Walks


The earliest use of the term “letterbox” on Ascension Island dates back to 1673 when Father Navorette reported after a visit that there was a “cache or letterbox” where passing ships left messages for those going in the opposite direction. Continue reading “Letterbox Walks”

Green Mountain National Park


Green Mountain, designated a National Park in 2005, is aptly named given the abundance of flora on an otherwise barren, bleak and harsh volcanic island. It has always been an area of utmost importance to the island and its inhabitants and in the past many people resided here. Currently the British Administrator of the Island and his family are the only permanent residents on the mountain – not a bad patch he has to boot. Continue reading “Green Mountain National Park”


Walk Around The Lake – Lake Burley Griffin


The title of this review may be a bit misleading – I actually mean a walk around the central basin – a circular walk of 5kms crossing the lake via Commonwealth and King’s bridges (bridge to bridge). This is an easy walk along flat (apart from going up and down onto the bridges to cross the lake – steps or ramp) sealed paths and is a favourite of locals and tourists alike. Please look at my separate review on cycling around the whole lake – some 29 kms though shorter options are also mentioned there. Off course there is nothing stopping you walking the lot. Continue reading “Walk Around The Lake – Lake Burley Griffin”


Walking on Mt Myohyang


Mt Myohyang, in addition to being a favourite recreational area for the Great Leader, Kim Il-sung, and the Dear Leader, Kim Jong-il, is a sacred mountain area as, according to legend, it was the home of King Tangun, forefather of the Korean people. Continue reading “Walking on Mt Myohyang”


The Marble Arch and Cladagh River Walk


While the Marble Arch Caves are in themselves a primary tourist attraction in County Fermanagh you should certainly try and allocate a bit of extra time to your trip here so that you can have a walk overground in this beautiful part of the County. Continue reading “The Marble Arch and Cladagh River Walk”