Wittunga Botanic Garden – Australia v South Africa


The South Australian Government manages three botanic gardens in the Adelaide area:

The Adelaide Botanic Garden
Mount Lofty Botanic Garden
Wittunga Botanic Garden.

The 14 hectares Wittunga Botanic Garden was established by Edwin Ashby in 1902 though it did not come into state ownership until 1965. It was opened to the public in 1975 and contains and extensive collection of plants from Australia and South Africa (mainly from the Cape Province district which has similar climatic conditions to Adelaide). Continue reading “Wittunga Botanic Garden – Australia v South Africa”


Waterfall Gully – Oasis On City Outskirts


Located in Cleland Conservation Park, Waterfall Gully is home to the largest (18m) of seven waterfalls in the park and is a lovely spot to visit, in itself, from Adelaide (10kms) or as a base for a very popular 4km (each way) walk to Mount Lofty summit (see separate review). Even if not walking the whole way to Mt Lofty summit I recommend you at least go up to the top of the first falls and perhaps as far as the second falls (about 500m). Continue reading “Waterfall Gully – Oasis On City Outskirts”

Australian National Botanic Gardens


Allow yourself about two hours (more if you want to sample the café in the gardens which I thoroughly recommend you do) to see these delightful and varied gardens. The National Botanic Gardens, run by the Government, specialises in Australian native plants and contains nearly 7,000 of some 18,000 identified species found in Australia, all set in Canberra’s bushland environment. Continue reading “Australian National Botanic Gardens”

Walk Around The Lake – Lake Burley Griffin


The title of this review may be a bit misleading – I actually mean a walk around the central basin – a circular walk of 5kms crossing the lake via Commonwealth and King’s bridges (bridge to bridge). This is an easy walk along flat (apart from going up and down onto the bridges to cross the lake – steps or ramp) sealed paths and is a favourite of locals and tourists alike. Please look at my separate review on cycling around the whole lake – some 29 kms though shorter options are also mentioned there. Off course there is nothing stopping you walking the lot. Continue reading “Walk Around The Lake – Lake Burley Griffin”

Rougey Cliff Walk


This is officially a circular walk starting from the tourist office. From there follow the path along the promenade by Waterworld towards the Great Northern Hotel, clearly recognisable on the hill ahead and around the bay. From there, the walk continues on around the headland with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Bundoran’s Golf Course on the other side with truly breathtaking views no matter which way you look – views which photos cannot really do justice too. On reaching the far end of the walk at Tullan Strand Road one is supposed to turn right and follow this road to its intersection with the main R267 road, where taking a right turn will bring you back into the town centre. Continue reading “Rougey Cliff Walk”

Past, Present and Future from a local


City Walking Tour

I had not visited Derry for a number of years and this time I was with someone who had not been there before. Perchance I made an idiot of myself by not knowing my way around, I decided to call into the Tourist Office (at 44 Foyle Street, along the River Foyle) and procure a tourist map of the city. Prior to getting into the office I was “accosted” outside the door by a gentleman who was most insistent we join his city walking tour. Continue reading “Past, Present and Future from a local”