Blue Mountains – Don’t Rush It – Concentrate On The Essentials


The scenically stunning Blue Mountains are absolutely worth a visit should you come Sydney and I recommend, in your planning, that you allow more than a day, especially if you enjoy hiking or want to visit, and get to appreciate, the many small townships in the mountains. Continue reading “Blue Mountains – Don’t Rush It – Concentrate On The Essentials”


Bangalley Head Walk


Bangallely Head Walk is a rather rugged though worthwhile walk offering some fantastic views out to the Pacific Ocean and along the coast, north towards Broken Bay/ Barrenjoey Headland and the Central Coast and south towards the city. Additionally, the reserve is of sufficient size such that it is home to a reasonable selection of local flora and fauna. The walk traverses the highest point on Sydney’s northern coastline between Avalon and Whale beaches and takes upwards of an hour (depending on where you start and finish). If you cannot cope with steps (lots of them) and a little sweat then this walk is not for you. Continue reading “Bangalley Head Walk”

Whale Beach – A Great Little Beach


Whale Beach is, at 600m long, one of the smaller of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Notwithstanding that it is one of the prettiest and least frequented by tourists, the latter not least because there is no public transport directly to the beach. The nearest bus stop (on Barrenjoey Rd – L90 Surf Road stop) is 1km or 15 minutes walk from the beach, along Surf Road. Continue reading “Whale Beach – A Great Little Beach”

Horden Park -How The Headland Used To Be


Hordern Park is named after Mr A J Hordern, whom the Sydney Morning Herald referred to as ‘ one of her {Sydney’s} most competent and kindly tree and flower lovers’ on his death in 1932. It is a small park located at the southern end of Palm Beach providing access between the beach and Florida Road – about half way up the headland where you can admire some of the grandest residences in Sydney, particularly if you continue on up (via a set of very steep steps located across Florida Road from the Park) to Pacific Road, atop the headland. Continue reading “Horden Park -How The Headland Used To Be”

Barrenjoey Lighthouse & Its Luckless Early Keepers


At the northern end of the Pittwater Peninsula, Barrenjoey Headland commands the entrance to Broken Bay, the Hawkesbury River and The Pittwater. Throughout the 19th century The Pittwater (see my separate review) was an important shipping route giving access to Sydney, used by legitimate traders and smugglers alike. It also provided temporary safe anchorage for passing ships seeking to escape a storm. Safe access to it from the ocean was an imperative. Continue reading “Barrenjoey Lighthouse & Its Luckless Early Keepers”

Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay Walk


I cannot imagine anyone coming to Sydney and not taking a walk along Circular Quay to see the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Few would visit and not get out onto the harbour, either by way of a tour or on one of the regular ferries that scurry hither and thither. Something few people do is go for a walk at other points along the harbour and admire it, and the city, from different angles. This is a great shame – so make sure you do not miss out. There are many options available and this walk from Taronga Zoo around Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay (in Sydney Harbour National Park) is but one. Continue reading “Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay Walk”

Black Mountain Summit Walk


The first thing most visitors to Canberra notice is Telstra Tower on Black Mountain. The Tower is one of Canberra’s most visited sites and you can get to it by car or bicycle (if you are very fit) or you can walk. Most people, thankfully for those who chose to walk, get there by car. This review is on the Summit Walk, which is, in my view, without doubt the best way to get to the summit. Ensure that you take some water with you. Continue reading “Black Mountain Summit Walk”