Rougey Cliff Walk


This is officially a circular walk starting from the tourist office. From there follow the path along the promenade by Waterworld towards the Great Northern Hotel, clearly recognisable on the hill ahead and around the bay. From there, the walk continues on around the headland with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Bundoran’s Golf Course on the other side with truly breathtaking views no matter which way you look – views which photos cannot really do justice too. On reaching the far end of the walk at Tullan Strand Road one is supposed to turn right and follow this road to its intersection with the main R267 road, where taking a right turn will bring you back into the town centre. Continue reading “Rougey Cliff Walk”

Enniskillen – A walk around the Island

Enniskillen Castle – Watergate

Even though I was born in and brought up in County Fermanagh I make a point of dropping into the Fermanagh Visitors Information Centre in Enniskillen each time I return. Each time I do so I ask the same question – So what’s new since I was last here in XXXX?

Mostly the response is – Not much! Continue reading “Enniskillen – A walk around the Island”

Climb It Or Admire It From Kuto Bay


Having completed a wonderful island tour, walked the length of Kanumera Bay and relaxed a bit with friends on the gorgeous Kuto Beach there were still a couple of hours left before our cruise ship was scheduled to leave the Ile des Pins.

I had planned on hiking up Pic N’ga, the highest point on the island and easily accessible from Kuto Beach. While I felt I could have fitted the walk in (advertised as 1.5 – 2 hrs max duration) I had read that the track was not wonderfully well marked so there was a risk that I would arrive back too late. Continue reading “Climb It Or Admire It From Kuto Bay”

A Walk in Pyongyang

Tower of Juche Idea across the Taedong River

Something I love doing, and always do, when I visit somewhere is to go out and just walk. This, in my view, is by far the best way to get to know a place.

In Pyongyang (and elsewhere in North Korea) we could go nowhere without our guide and walking around the streets by ourselves was absolutely forbidden. Our island hotel, the Yanggakdo International is nicknamed the Pyongyang Alcatraz for good reason. Continue reading “A Walk in Pyongyang”