Brekkefossen – Close But Hard To See


Brekkefossen, while certainly not the biggest waterfall in the region, is visible from most parts of the Flåm valley (and from the Flåm Railway) and is the most accessible waterfall from Flåm being less than two kilometres away. Continue reading “Brekkefossen – Close But Hard To See”


Flåm Church (Flåm Kyrkje)


While Flåm Church (Flåm kyrkje), in the old village centre, is visible from the Flåm Railway it is well worth the very easy 3.5kms walk, lovely in itself, out from Flåm to see it. The old brown wooden church and graveyard are beautiful in themselves but absolutely stunning as they are, set nestled by the Flåm river with their beautiful mountain backdrop. Sit on the bench in the graveyard and just look around. You will quickly appreciate how the village originally got its name. Flåm literally means “little place between steep mountains”. Most apt, I am sure you will agree. Continue reading “Flåm Church (Flåm Kyrkje)”

Breakout Creek Wetlands – Nice Detour From Coast


In another review I alluded to the fact that the area around Henley Beach and Grange was formerly highly prized farming land by virtue of the existence of rich alluvial soils. The large expanse of alluvial soil was due to the fact that the Torrens River, until 1934, stopped short of discharging into the sea, being stopped by the bank of sand dunes which runs along this part of the coast. Unable to escape, the river regularly flooded leading to fertile soil in the area. Continue reading “Breakout Creek Wetlands – Nice Detour From Coast”

Lake Tuggeranong – Enjoy a Great Walk


Like all other lakes in Canberra , Lake Tuggeranong is an artificial lake. It was constructed in 1987 coinciding with urban development in the area. The foreshore of the lake is parkland, with swimming, fishing, wind-surfing and non-motorised boating all permitted. A shared bicycle/walking path surrounds the lake, running for 6.7 kilometres. Continue reading “Lake Tuggeranong – Enjoy a Great Walk”