Can Tho: “Best Vietnamese In Canberra”

167Vietnamese and Chinese restaurant in Belconnen

I have been a diner at this restaurant since in opened back in the early 2000s. It is still run by the same Vietnamese family. The restaurant is a bit out of the way and in the early days 1 or 2 tables was the norm. Nowadays it is regularly packed and for good reason. Continue reading “Can Tho: “Best Vietnamese In Canberra””

Adelaide’s Chinatown


Adelaide’s Chinatown is, to be honest, rather underwhelming when compared to those in say Sydney or Melbourne. It is small and consists of just a handful of Asian grocery stores, Chinese herbal and medicine shops and a number of restaurants, tucked in beside the Adelaide Central Market, between Gouger and Grote Streets, the former of which is laden with great cafes and restaurants. While there are Chinese restaurants,and stalls in the food court, in Chinatown (as one might expect!) the majority of eateries are now of other Asian ethnicity with Vietnamese predominating. Continue reading “Adelaide’s Chinatown”