All Hail to Her Majesty


While this building, St John’s Parish Hall – designed by Edward Halloran and built in 1897, is a pleasant enough red brick affair with a nice art nouveau balcony I would not have drawn it to my reader’s attention were it not for a terracotta plaque affixed to the front of the building.

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The General Post Office (Former)


While no longer a post office, the exterior of this building, thankfully, retains its classical elegance and beauty. The interior which now, in the main, comprises the lobby, bars and restaurants of the Westin Sydney Hotel, retains a significant number of architectural features of the former post office but it’s just not the same and to me more resembles the recreated architecture of a Las Vegas casino than the original building interior that it actually was. That said, what’s here is better than nothing, and I do especially like that part of the original ceiling which remains accessible to pubic view as depicted in picture four attached. Continue reading “The General Post Office (Former)”

Flamboyant Edward VII


While equestrian statues were popular additions in many cities around the world in the early 20th century, few were erected in Sydney. This one of King Edward VII, successor to the long reigning Queen Victoria, is a rare example of such statutory in Sydney though the original intent was to construct this tribute to the King, and equally importantly to Empire, in the then newly established National Capital of Australia, Canberra. Continue reading “Flamboyant Edward VII”