Making the vote count in Mt Hagen


Two friends were visiting me from the UK so I decided to take them to Lake Kutubu, well up into the Highlands of PNG. Our first transit stop was Mt Hagen airport into which we flew on a small MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) single engine plane (picture below). I personally didn’t like flying on single engine planes and would only do it where there was no other options. Continue reading “Making the vote count in Mt Hagen”


The Asaro Mudmen


While I lived in Papua New Guinea (1989-91) I attended many shows or sing sings, as the locals called them, and in this way became acquainted with numerous tribes wearing traditional dress, performing traditional dances and taking part in other rituals. The annual Port Moresby and Goroka shows were especially good for ‘tribe collectors’.

There was one very famous tribe, the ghost-like Asaro Mudmen, which never turned up at any of the shows I attended. Continue reading “The Asaro Mudmen”