The Airport by Train


Notwithstanding my second picture I highly recommend this service if your final destination in Sydney is within walking distance of a train station.

Catching the train is the fastest way to reach Sydney Airport or to get to the city from the airport. Services run directly to/from the city centre to/from stations located inside the Domestic and International terminals. You can probably go cheaper by bus but for the extra dollar or so I prefer the faster train service. Continue reading “The Airport by Train”


Norway In A Nutshell – All Your Tickets Together


Many independent travellers to Norway follow a tried and tested route between Oslo and Bergen (or vice versa) taking in Aurlandsfjord, the UNESCO listed Nærøyfjord and Flåm en route.

This trip involves catching three trains, a boat and a bus together with accommodation, should you wish to spend a night in Flåm en route. Continue reading “Norway In A Nutshell – All Your Tickets Together”

Canberra Railway Museum (Former)


Perhaps the last thing you might expect to find in Canberra is a railway museum and an excellent one at that.

Well, as of mid 2017 you will just have to imagine it as it went into liquidation, closed down and was sold off in pieces. I was devastated. I have retained my review as it was as, firstly, the lead picture is one of my favourites on my blog and secondly to retain it as a historical record in the hope it might interest someone, in addition to me.
Continue reading “Canberra Railway Museum (Former)”


The Night Train to Transylvania


We arrived in Sighisoara at 4 something am on a cold (nay freezing) late autumn day in 2011. The reason for our arrival at this ungodly hour was that  we took the night train which connects Budapest with Bucharest – leaving the former at a very civilized 19.10 and arriving into the latter at an equally civilised 11.38 the following morning, dropping people of in Brasov a couple of hours earlier. Continue reading “The Night Train to Transylvania”


Mortuary Station


In 1820 the Old Sydney Burial Ground was closed and in 1867 Devonshire Street Cemetery was also closed, though some burials did occur there after that date. Both cemeteries were deemed full. Continue reading “Mortuary Station”


Headhunters Barber Shop & Railway Museum


The last two trains, both steam, one of the Great Northern Line and one of the Sligo Leitrim and Northern Counties Line, left Enniskillen, bound for Omagh and Sligo respectively, on the evening of the 30 September 1957. The following day the Enniskillen Railway Station closed – never to reopen. Continue reading “Headhunters Barber Shop & Railway Museum”


Three Revolutions Exhibition

Three Revolutions Exhibition – Planetarium

Set in a sprawling concrete park, on the outskirts of the city, are six buildings detailing the ‘three revolutions’ brought about by Kim Il-sung in postwar Korea – the Great Leader’s ideological, technical and cultural revolutions. Continue reading “Three Revolutions Exhibition”