From Osaka to Koyasan – Which Ticket?


I was almost put off visiting Koyasan based on the fact that everything I read about getting there made the whole process seem very complicated, not least the hideously complicated looking map of Namba station in Osaka (see below) which I would have to visit twice – once to pick up tickets if I pre-booked online and again catch the train. Continue reading “From Osaka to Koyasan – Which Ticket?”


Pyongyang Railway Station

Pyongyang Railway Station

Personally I think this is one of the most beautiful buildings in North Korea.

Pyongyang’s first railway station was built in 1920 but was destroyed in the Korean War. While the current three story (plus basement) building, built in 1958, is classified as socialist style architecture it is far from the boxy 1950s Soviet type buildings more commonly built in Pyongyang after the Korean War. Continue reading “Pyongyang Railway Station”

Getting out of the DPRK by Air

Air Koryo at Pyongyang Airport

If eligible to do so, I actually recommend leaving the DPRK by train. See by separate review “Getting out of the DPRK by train”.

If you do leave by air, repeat, in reverse, the process for getting in – outlined in my review “Getting into the DPRK by Air”. Yes, you will have a rerun of the hamburger experience. Continue reading “Getting out of the DPRK by Air”

Getting out of the DPRK by Train

Beijing Train Backs into Pyongyang Station

If you are an American you will leave North Korea by air. Americans, naturally, cannot be trusted to behave for five hours without a guide. All other nationals have the option to leave North Korea by train, as we did. Those leaving by train now have the option to do a stopover at Sinuiju right on the border with China. Continue reading “Getting out of the DPRK by Train”