The Kumgangsan Chongnyon Railway Line – North Korea

Having left Wonsan our next stop was Mt Kumgang, three hours drive to the south, and to get there we drove along the (mainly) coastal National Highway 7 (AH6). For much of the way the highway runs in close proximity to the Kumgangsan Chongnyon railway line. Being a bit of a railway buff I enjoyed a bit of train station spotting en route to Mt Kumgang though sadly did not see any trains. In this post I share a few details on the line together with a few pictures of the stations I passed as well as a few other railway related snaps.

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Old Wonsan Train Station

When the fairly typical western style Wonsan (now Old) Train Station was opened in 1914 by the Chosen Government Railway it was certainly nothing special, indeed it was somewhat plain and utilitarian – unremarkable. A momentous event in 1945 would change its status for ever.

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Pyongyang Railway Station

Personally, I think Pyongyang’s Railway Station is one of the most beautiful buildings in North Korea but then again I have a thing about railway stations. While many of the high rise buildings built, at the speed of Chollima, in the city in the last five years or so may be as aesthetically pleasing, in their own ways, I wonder about their potential longevity. Continue reading “Pyongyang Railway Station”

Seven Minutes in Myrdal – Changing Trains


Myrdal Station, as there is little else at Myrdal, is the junction stop on the Oslo – Bergen train line which connects with the famous Flåm Railway (Flåmsbana).

98% of people arriving into Myrdal will be transferring onto the Flåm Railway, leaving the Flåm Railway to continue their journey on the Bergen Line or immediately returning to Flåm on the Flåmsbana having just arrived from there. 1% of people will be transferring to a bicycle (available for hire here) to ride down the valley to Flåm. Of the remaining 1%, a few hardy souls will stop here for hiking, a few will actually work here at the guesthouse (yes, there are a couple of accommodation options should you want to stay) or the railway and its related businesses and the remaining few will have alighted in error! Continue reading “Seven Minutes in Myrdal – Changing Trains”

From Train Station to Parish Church


All Saints Anglican Church – Ainslie

Those who have read my Sydney review – Rookwood Cemetery – Train Stations – will be aware that there is more than a passing resemblance between Rookwood Cemetery’s Gothic Ecclesiastic style Mortuary Receiving Station No. 1 and All Saints Anglican Church here in the Canberra suburb of Ainslie. Continue reading “From Train Station to Parish Church”