Other Civic and Private Buildings in Goulburn

I have written a number of posts on individual buildings in Goulburn.

This post is a compendium review on a number of other civic and privately constructed buildings in the city that I find particularly interesting. It is by no means intended to be fully inclusive and there are many other beautiful buildings for the visitor to explore on their own account – the statuary in my main picture above adorns one such building, the former Australian Mutual Provident Society on Auburn Street. The centre of the city is small so just park your vehicle and go for a wander. Continue reading “Other Civic and Private Buildings in Goulburn”

Adelaide Town Hall


This classically styled Victorian building, featuring Corinthian style ornamentation and built of local Tea Tree Gully freestone and Dry Creek bluestone, was designed by Edmund Wright, a former city mayor. The building opened in 1866 and was touted as the largest municipal building in the southern hemisphere at the time. In 1872, writer Anthony Trollope, who was touring Australia at the time, rated the building, and town halls he had seen in Australia generally, as greatly beating those in Britain at the time. Continue reading “Adelaide Town Hall”

Riga Town Hall


Like all the surrounding buildings in Town Hall Square (Ratslaukums), the city’s 17th century neo-classical Town Hall was destroyed in World War II. The current very aesthetically agreeable Town Hall, built in 2003, is an amazingly true copy of the original (picture 2), right down to detail such as the coat of arms and statue of Themis – Greek goddess of divine law and order. Continue reading “Riga Town Hall”