Flåm Tickets and Visitor Center


We only spent two days (one night) in Flåm. Given this short time and the fact that I had everything, most importantly our accommodation, the scenic Flåm Railway trip in and our fjord cruise out, booked in advance I had little or no cause to go to the Visitor Center. I had also pre-planned a couple of easy walks and, surprisingly for me, set aside a few hours of doing nothing. There was also the railway museum which I had noted as a must see. Continue reading “Flåm Tickets and Visitor Center”

Pop into the Visitor Information Centre


Your first stop in Gundagai (after visiting Five Mile Creek and the Dog on the Tuckerbox if you have driven in from the Sydney direction) should be the Visitor Information Centre located pretty much in the centre of town.

The reasons for this are three-fold: Continue reading “Pop into the Visitor Information Centre”

Canberra and Region Visitors Centre


The Visitors Centre, which moved to its current site by Lake Burley Griffin, from Northbourne Avenue, is a great source of information on Canberra, the Australian Capital Territory and the region more generally and is certainly worthy a stop for all but the most prepared visitor to Canberra. In addition to an extensive display of literature the staff here are very helpful. Continue reading “Canberra and Region Visitors Centre”