Gudvangen to Voss via Stalheimskleiv Road


Given the slight hassle we had getting our boat from Flåm to Gudvangen, notwithstanding that we had a ticket, purchased well in advance, we didn’t want to take any chances with the bus from Gudvangen to Voss, especially as I had always felt this to be the least clear and thus most uncertain component of our trip between Oslo and Bergen.

Accordingly, as soon as our boat docked at Gudvangen we headed straight for the bus – no dilly dallying or looking around the Viking village of Gudvangen. Continue reading “Gudvangen to Voss via Stalheimskleiv Road”

Past, Present and Future from a local


City Walking Tour

I had not visited Derry for a number of years and this time I was with someone who had not been there before. Perchance I made an idiot of myself by not knowing my way around, I decided to call into the Tourist Office (at 44 Foyle Street, along the River Foyle) and procure a tourist map of the city. Prior to getting into the office I was “accosted” outside the door by a gentleman who was most insistent we join his city walking tour. Continue reading “Past, Present and Future from a local”

M.V. Kestrel – Tours on Lough Erne


In my review on Devenish Island I note that there are a number of ways to get to the island, one of the best preserved monastic sites in Ireland. One of these is to take a tour on the M.V. Kestrel, from the Round ‘O’ Jetty in Enniskillen. While seasonal and tours are subject to minimum numbers, this is probably the most reliable way of getting to Devenish Island – a must see on your visit to Co Fermanagh. Continue reading “M.V. Kestrel – Tours on Lough Erne”