Frock-up For The Gundagai Theatre


Moving back down onto Sheridan Street having view the former Gundagai Literary Institute we come across another former cultural institution – the Gundagai Theatre. ‘My what a terribly cultured place this Gundagai is’, I hear you say. Continue reading “Frock-up For The Gundagai Theatre”


Canberra Theatre Centre


Being only three hours drive from Sydney and having a population of less than 400,000, blockbuster shows and events do not come to Canberra and ‘seasons’ for what does come are measured in days rather than weeks, months or years.

That said Canberra is an affluent place and for Australia very culturally aware. Accordingly it hosts numerous art galleries, smaller theatres, its own orchestra and so on. Continue reading “Canberra Theatre Centre”

The Star – On a Mission to Thrill


Looking at The Star’s website you would be forgiven for missing the fact that the raison d’être for this whole complex is that it hosts Sydney’s only casino. The focus of the website is on the complex as an entertainment hub with its theatre (Lyric), Events Centre, hotels (Darling and Astral), bars and nightclubs, day spas, shops and wide range of restaurants, from higher end food court style to some of the City’s most expensive. Continue reading “The Star – On a Mission to Thrill”

Some Revolutionary Opera?

Pyongyang Grand Theatre

Having read my review of the Korean Feature Film Studio, read of Kim Jong-il’s contribution to the cinema industry and the arts in general and seen various references to revolutionary army choirs, revolutionary operas and much, much, more in various of my reviews you will, by now, be very excited to know where you can partake of these things should you visit Pyongyang though, perhaps because three hours plus of revolutionary opera or lengthy non-subtitled movies might get a bit boring, they do not often appear on the itinerary of most visitors – as they didn’t on mine. Continue reading “Some Revolutionary Opera?”