West Sea Barrage and Museum


The 8km long, $4billion, West Sea Barrage across the mouth of the Taedong River was completed in 1986.  It was designed to manage water levels in the Taedong River and alleviate irrigation and drinking water problems in the region. The exact location for the barrage was, we were told, personally selected by the Great Leader, Kim Il-sung, – engineering, hydrology and geology being but a few of this great man’s limitless talents. Continue reading “West Sea Barrage and Museum”


A Walk in Pyongyang

Tower of Juche Idea across the Taedong River

Something I love doing, and always do, when I visit somewhere is to go out and just walk. This, in my view, is by far the best way to get to know a place.

In Pyongyang (and elsewhere in North Korea) we could go nowhere without our guide and walking around the streets by ourselves was absolutely forbidden. Our island hotel, the Yanggakdo International is nicknamed the Pyongyang Alcatraz for good reason. Continue reading “A Walk in Pyongyang”

Kim Il-Sung’s 102nd Birthday Fireworks

Kim Il-sung’s Birthday Firworks

On the early evening of the Greater Leader’s 102nd birthday our group was in the Pyongyang Gold Lane Bowling alley. While most of the group were enjoying a game of bowls, some were having a drink and I was engaged in a deep and meaningful political discussion with our main guide. After bowls our (ok, not ours but rather the guides’) plan was to return to the hotel for dinner – it had been a long day. Continue reading “Kim Il-Sung’s 102nd Birthday Fireworks”