The Kwangbok Department Store – Let’s Go Shopping

Unless in the middle of the night, when I arrive at any destination the first thing I do, having dropped off my bags at the hotel, is to go out for a walk in the neighbourhood. The walk will invariably lead to a coffee or another beverage suitable to the time of day or my mood and, if I come across one, a look through a market or shop. Not so in North Korea. Continue reading “The Kwangbok Department Store – Let’s Go Shopping”

Flåm Coop – Supermarket: “General Store”


Apart from souvenir shops there is only one other shop in Flåm, a Coop supemarket. The Coop stocks a decent range of groceries, confectionery, drinks, over the counter medicines and other household requisites like cleaning products and loo paper. My recollection is that should you need a rice cooker you also need look no further than the Flåm Coop. Continue reading “Flåm Coop – Supermarket: “General Store””