A Walk Around Lake Ginninderra

Inspired by my recent walk around Yerrabi Pond at Gungahlin I decided to go for another autumnal walk – this time around Lake Ginninderra at Belconnen, in the northwest of the city. Continue reading “A Walk Around Lake Ginninderra”

An Autumnal Walk Around Yerrabi Pond

This review focuses on a walk around Yerrabi Pond, in the northwestern part of Canberra.

When a capital city for Australia was being selected back in the early 1900s one of the key selection criteria was the availability of a year round water supply. The resultant border for the Australian Capital Territory (a significant part of which is taken up by the city of Canberra) was carefully selected and follows numerous ridges and hilltops to bring a sufficient water catchment area within the control of the then Commonwealth Government. Continue reading “An Autumnal Walk Around Yerrabi Pond”

Graffiti Art in the City


While there are numerous examples of good graffiti art all over Canberra the majority would be time consuming for the visitor, with only a passing interest in the subject, to visit. There are currently (Sept 2016) 24 legal street art sites in Canberra, primarily road underpasses and spillways. Additionally there are a number more formal and more professional mural sites. Continue reading “Graffiti Art in the City”