Prince Michael Barclay de Tolly

141I came across this rather grand bronze statue when making my way back to the Old City from the must visit Corner House (former KGB Building).

Prince Michael Barclay de Tolly (1761-1818) was a Russian Field Marshal (in command of the 1st Army of the West, the largest of the Russian armies facing Napoleon) and Minister of War during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812 and during later campaigns of the Russian army in Europe. Continue reading “Prince Michael Barclay de Tolly”

Sir Robert Menzies Goes For a Walk


The Australian Capital Territory Government has, of late, taken the view that the citizenry of Canberra needs more art and culture. This has, to a large degree, manifested itself in a plethora of new statutory most of which is lacking in any sort of taste, art or culture or whatsoever. The shot-gun approach however does mean that a least a few of the new statues will hit the mark. The subject of this review, Sir Robert Menzies’ statue, is one of those which certainly hits the mark for me. Continue reading “Sir Robert Menzies Goes For a Walk”

The Queen in Parliament – Well a Sort Of!


There are not many statues of Queen Elizabeth II around the world. If Wikipedia is to be believed (2015) – nine, and two of these are in Australia. One is in Brisbane and is rather unique in that it is the only statue in the world of the Queen holding a handbag. The other one is here in Parliament House or rather on a Terrace outside the main building (accessed from within the building). Continue reading “The Queen in Parliament – Well a Sort Of!”