Central Station – Railway


Sydney’s Central Station is one of a number of grand turn-of-the-century sandstone buildings in the city, albeit an outlier as the majority of these are located within a short distance of Circular Quay and the former Government House. Continue reading “Central Station – Railway”

Cuppangabalong Woolshed


The delightfully named Cuppangabalong Station (station is a term used in Australia to refer to a large farm) began life as a squatters settlement, established by James Wright in early 1840s. In 1855 it was bought by a 39 year old Italian count – Count Leopold Fabius Dietegen Fane De Salis – who developed it into a very successful wool business and stud farm. Continue reading “Cuppangabalong Woolshed”

Pyongyang Railway Station

Pyongyang Railway Station

Personally I think this is one of the most beautiful buildings in North Korea.

Pyongyang’s first railway station was built in 1920 but was destroyed in the Korean War. While the current three story (plus basement) building, built in 1958, is classified as socialist style architecture it is far from the boxy 1950s Soviet type buildings more commonly built in Pyongyang after the Korean War. Continue reading “Pyongyang Railway Station”