Wonsan Central Square and the Mangyongbong 92

Given a fairly tight schedule in Wonsan we only had time for a brief stop in the city’s central square, surprisingly not to formally visit and pay our respects at the statues of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il but rather to see a ferry which, apart from a few ‘special runs’, has lain unused here, by the dock, since 2006.

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Victoria R.I. – In Adelaide

6The subject of this statue requires no introduction. It is Queen Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 1837 to 1901, Empress of India from 1876 and Queen of her dominions, including the Australian colonies, from various dates to 1901. Continue reading “Victoria R.I. – In Adelaide”

Livu Laukums – Full of Colour


Through the Middle Ages and into the modern era German traders and merchants, via the Hanseatic League, were generous to Riga and indeed were instrumental in the building and prosperity of the city for centuries. During World War II the German Luftwaffe was equally generous when it came to dropping bombs on the city and destroying many of its historic buildings. Some of these bombs demolished buildings in the area that was subsequently cleared to create what became Livu Laukums (Square). Continue reading “Livu Laukums – Full of Colour”

Town Hall Square (Rātslaukums)


The Old City of Riga has a collection of small squares, each worthy a visit in its own right.

One of, if not, the oldest of these squares is the cobbled Town Hall Square (Rātslaukums). This has been the administrative/local government centre of the city since it was founded in 1201. Since then markets, festivals and all manner of events have occupied or taken place in this square. For those into it, this used to be the place to go for an afternoon’s merriment at a public execution or two. Continue reading “Town Hall Square (Rātslaukums)”