Various Shops: “Souvenir shopping in Flåm”


With nearly 150 cruise ships, countless other boats, a few thousand buses, thousands of train passengers and people in their own vehicles visiting Flåm each year it is little wonder that there are more souvenir shops than any other type of business in the small village of Flåm. Continue reading “Various Shops: “Souvenir shopping in Flåm””


Eating And Other Ways To Spend Your Money At Five Mile Creek


As well as stopping here on the Hume Highway, on the outskirts of Gundagai, to see the Dog on the Tuckerbox and what little that is left of Carberry’s Inn this is also a major rest stop along the highway connecting Sydney and Melbourne – about 4hrs from Sydney and just over that from Melbourne. It is also about 2hrs drive from Canberra, Australia’s Capital. Continue reading “Eating And Other Ways To Spend Your Money At Five Mile Creek”

Dining al fresco en route to the DMZ

Tea by the Highway

The majority of our trips outside Pyongyang involved travel of less than a couple of hours. There were a few exceptions and apart from the trip between Pyongyang and Kaesong/Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) we were exhorted to ensure we had taken care of ablutions and other needs we might have as the bus would not be stopping en-route. Continue reading “Dining al fresco en route to the DMZ”