Kanumera Bay – Stunning


Having completed a 2 hour island tour there was still more than sufficient time for a walk along a significant part of Kanumera Bay which, if forced to pick a favourite between it and Kuto Beach, I would rate it higher – because, at least when I visited, it was less busy and there was more shade, from a combination of palms and the Auracaria columnaris pines from which the island takes its name, for those wishing to linger. Additionally, I found the Bay to be a lot more photogenic and I trust I have managed to capture some of its beauty in the images attached. Continue reading “Kanumera Bay – Stunning”

Yedjele Beach – Paradise Even On A Dull Day


Maré, one of the four Loyalty Islands of New Caledonia, is one of the least developed places in the country but what it lacks in facilities it more than makes up for in beauty. Also, most importantly perhaps, the beer here is half the price it was at our other cruise stops in New Caledonia! Continue reading “Yedjele Beach – Paradise Even On A Dull Day”