Art Barton Park – The Hidden Treasures Of Lavender Bay


Art Barton Park is small ribbon like park, a couple of metres of densish growth, on either side of the walking path along the east side of the beautiful Lavender Bay on the North Shore, across the Harbour Bridge and a stones throw to the west of Luna Park. Continue reading “Art Barton Park – The Hidden Treasures Of Lavender Bay”


Menin Gate Lions


It is rare that one finds medieval art or sculptures in Australia and probably the last place on would expect to encounter such would be in the Australian War Memorial, built in 1936 to commemorate the sacrifice of Australians who have died in war (essentially since the mid 1800s). Continue reading “Menin Gate Lions”

Tied to Tide – Pyrmont Point Park


Of all the modern public art work that has appeared in Sydney over the past few years this one, ‘Tied to Tide’, and ‘In Between Two Worlds’ in Chinatown are my favourites. Continue reading “Tied to Tide – Pyrmont Point Park”


Insect with Lead


Coming across this along Harris Street in Pyrmont I couldn’t help wondering if someone had scampered from the nearby Powerhouse Museum with an exhibit, display case and all, and abandoned it here on the street corner. Continue reading “Insect with Lead”


National Gallery – Sculpture Garden


Located lake-side of the National Gallery of Australia, the Sculpture Garden is a great place to wander around and admire not only the sculptures but the garden itself. Get there in time to admire it before the main Gallery opens at 10am or combine it with a longer walk around the central basin of the lake. Continue reading “National Gallery – Sculpture Garden”


In Between Two Worlds


Through a combination of cloud murals/etchings and thirty hanging silver spirit figures artist Jason Wing, of Aboriginal and Chinese descent, made a stunning transformation of the 200 metres long Kimber Lane in Chinatown, in 2013. Lying, as it does, at the rear of and between two blocks of mainly restaurants I had (before the transformation) become accustomed to the sight and smell of mounds of rubbish and food scraps in Kimber Lane as I would hurriedly make my way by of a night. Continue reading “In Between Two Worlds”


Golden Tree of Good Fortune


As you pass from George Street via Hay Street into the centre of Chinatown you would be forgiven for wondering why an old dead tree trunk has been left to obstruct your passage across a small traffic island at the intersection with Sussex Street. Continue reading “Golden Tree of Good Fortune”


‘Youngsters’ in the Street

On the corner of the George and Barrack Streets (across George Street from Martin Place) I came across this bronze, almost life size, sculpture of a young girl in baggy pants and a hoodie. Looking around I could see no plaque or anything else telling me about the sculpture though I did notice a separate, similarly clad, youngster about 10-20 metres away further up Barrack Street at the entrance to the Burberry store which occupies this prime city centre corner site. Continue reading “‘Youngsters’ in the Street”


Forgotten Songs


Tucked away in Angel Place, this is one of my favourite pieces of artwork in Sydney.

Like any big city, you are unlikely to hear many bird calls as you walk around the city though opportunistic white ibis and sulphur crested cockatoos, as well as introduced species like pigeons and mynahs, can be seen here and there. Go to Angel Place and you are in for a pleasant surprise. Continue reading “Forgotten Songs”


Hands Across the Divide


In choosing a feature picture for introductory Derry review I choose a picture of this sculpture (the one above) as it is a memorial to nothing, a commemoration of nothing but rather a work that sides with nobody and asks one to look forward to the future with hope and high expectation. Continue reading “Hands Across the Divide”