The Kwangbok Department Store – Let’s Go Shopping

Unless in the middle of the night, when I arrive at any destination the first thing I do, having dropped off my bags at the hotel, is to go out for a walk in the neighbourhood. The walk will invariably lead to a coffee or another beverage suitable to the time of day or my mood and, if I come across one, a look through a market or shop. Not so in North Korea. Continue reading “The Kwangbok Department Store – Let’s Go Shopping”


Person Sitting on Bench – Brighton


Adelaide is often referred to as the Festival City because of the disproportionately large number of festivals it has compared to Sydney, Melbourne and other Australian cities. Two of these festivals are held, back to back, at Brighton in the later half of January each year – the Brighton Jetty Beach Sculptures and the Brighton Jetty Classic. The Brighton Jetty Classic is an open water swim while the Sculpture festival (fashioned on similar events at Cottesloe Beach in West Australia and in Sydney – Bondi’s Sculptures by the Sea) is a display of around 80 sculptures, some along the Brighton Esplanade set against the beautiful backdrop of the Gulf St Vincent and the balance within the local Surf Life Saving Club. Continue reading “Person Sitting on Bench – Brighton”

Metal Birds by the Sea


After nearly forty kilometres sitting on my bicycle saddle – ok, I had stopped numerous times en route along the Torrens Linear Trail from the Adelaide Hills to the coast just south of Henley Beach – I knew I was getting to the end of my ride when, in the distance, I saw a pelican sitting on the top of what looked like one of three old telegraph poles (picture 2). Continue reading “Metal Birds by the Sea”

Voyagers – A Tribute to Australia’s Cameleers


Between the 1860s and the 1920s around 2,000 cameleers, with over 20,000 camels, came to Australia from Afghanistan, Baluchistan and what is now Pakistan. In those days, before motor vehicles, camels were the ideal pack animal and were well equipped to cope with the harsh environment of the Australian Outback. Continue reading “Voyagers – A Tribute to Australia’s Cameleers”

Rusconi’s Marble Masterpiece

33While the famous ‘Dog on the Tuckerbox’ monument, five miles from Gundagai, was designed by Frank Rusconi it certainly is not the most impressive example of the work of this talented artisan on exhibition in the Gundagai district. From an artistic perspective it is one of his poorest offerings. Rusconi was a stonemason so bronze was not his usual medium and added to this was the fact that he was blind in one eye by the time he produced it. Continue reading “Rusconi’s Marble Masterpiece”