School On The Hill


How old this school is is a matter of conjecture. Transcripts found by the University of Vienna suggest that around 100 students from the School on the Hill, Sighisoara followed University courses between 1402 and 1520. Official records date from 1522. Continue reading “School On The Hill”


St John’s Schoolhouse – Canberra’s First School


This is the Canberra region’s first school and school master’s residence. It was built in 1845 (70 years before Canberra was named) by Robert Campbell of Duntroon estate, to provide an elementary education for children from his estate and surrounding farms. Continue reading “St John’s Schoolhouse – Canberra’s First School”

Tin Dish – Bobeyan Subsidised School


The isolated Bobeyan Valley, in the southern part of the Namadgi National Park, in the southern border area of the Australian Capital Territory, was first settled by Europeans in the 1830s. Even today the area is fairly isolated, being bypassed by the main highway and some 50kms from Tharwa village and 90kms from central Canberra to the North and 30 kilometres from the small township of Adaminaby to the south. Continue reading “Tin Dish – Bobeyan Subsidised School”

Sinuiju School Visit


Universal free education is a trademark of most socialist countries and North Korea is no exception in this regard. Free Pre-school, primary, secondary and higher level education is offered to all. Compulsory primary and secondary education was introduced in 1956 and 1958 respectively and from 2012 minimum education requirements became 12 years (formally 11) – one year of pre-school, five years of elementary school, three years of primary middle school, and three years of advanced middle school. Continue reading “Sinuiju School Visit”

Tharwa General Store and School


The Tharwa General Store is a beautiful old weatherboard building dating back to the 1922. The store was acquired by C.C Jeffery in 1926 and has remained in the family ever since making it one of the Territory’s longest operating family businesses. This is one of those places where you buy a beer, a hot pie and a pair of knickers in the local post office! Continue reading “Tharwa General Store and School”