The Great Leader’s Last Signature


On the 8 July 1994 the Great Leader, Kim Il-sung, passed into immortality. On his passing he became the Eternal President of the DPRK and continues to guide his people from the afterlife and forever remains alive in their hearts. Continue reading “The Great Leader’s Last Signature”


Reunification Murals


Just prior to entering the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) we entered what I would describe as a sort of compound area. Here we were asked to get of the bus and attend a briefing session prior to continuing on into the DMZ. At this point the bus was searched (I imagine for stowaways) and our local guides and the driver surrendered their identity documents to the military. Continue reading “Reunification Murals”

The Reunification Highway


Time to contemplate or speculate.

Getting to Panmunjom, the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) and the border with South Korea requires a 175 kilometre trip from Pyongyang along the Reunification Highway (also called the Pyongyang-Kaesong Motorway). While the highway continues on a further 70 kilometres to Seoul it is closed at the border and a through journey in either direction is not possible. Continue reading “The Reunification Highway”