Bavarian Bier Cafe: “A Hearty Bavarian Meal”


Earlier in the evening, around dusk, I had passed by the Bavarian Bier Café en route back to my hotel, about 50 metres away. It looked completely dead and very dark inside. Coming out a little later looking for somewhere to have dinner I saw that the doors were still open so I had a look at the menu on display and a cracking pork belly dish appealed to me. Continue reading “Bavarian Bier Cafe: “A Hearty Bavarian Meal””

Indian Raja: “Unexpected Quality”


Despite my love for Indian food, in recent times my constitution has become such that I tend to steer clear of this cuisine. As I suspect my reader is not that terribly interested in my internal functionings I won’t provide further detail here.

In Riga, of all places, I got a craving for some Indian food and no, I didn’t live to rue the day so this review does not conclude with me sitting on the toilet! Continue reading “Indian Raja: “Unexpected Quality””

Double Coffee Kungs: “Extensive Menu With Decent Coffee”


We had wined and dined ourselves well on the overnight ferry from Stockholm to Riga so by noon and having checked into out hotel I was not especially hungry. Added to that, when I visit a new place the first thing I want to do is get out, find my bearings, and explore. Eating is a distant second priority. Andy’s priorities differed on the day we arrived into Riga so having something light was agreed upon. Double Coffee in front of St Peter’s Church fit the bill beautifully. Continue reading “Double Coffee Kungs: “Extensive Menu With Decent Coffee””

Dining in the DMZ


Typically when I travel I am very conscious of exactly where I am. This, of course, is related to the fact that I have to work out how to get to where I am and how to get away.

I generally don’t go on tours but in North Korea there is no option. Here one has no say where one is brought, what one sees and where one eats so one tends to switch off and go with the flow. It a sorta “Beam me up Scotty” to the next sight I must see. Continue reading “Dining in the DMZ”