Republican Garden


While prominently located on the main street of Bundoran, with a beautiful view out across the Atlantic Ocean, you will not find reference to the Republican Garden (of Remembrance) in the town’s primary tourist brochure ‘Discover Bundoran’ or on the website of the same name. Clearly this is not something that will be to everyone’s taste and many will find it distasteful. Continue reading “Republican Garden”

Republican Paramilitary Memorials


At various points in the city, if you keep your eyes peeled you will come across plaques, erected by the Derry Republican Graves Association, to Irish Republican Army (IRA) volunteers killed in the Northern Ireland “Troubles” – the term used to describe the 30 years of conflict between 1969 and 2000 which tore the protestant and catholic or unionist and republican communities apart. Continue reading “Republican Paramilitary Memorials”