Pyongyang Railway Museum

Being a fan of all things railway I greatly looked forward to visiting this museum and, being in North Korea, I knew it would have that something extra. It did not disappoint. Continue reading “Pyongyang Railway Museum”

Train Travel in North Korea – For No One and for the Leaders

On 30 November 2018 a South Korean train crossed the border into North Korea. ‘So what’ – I hear you say – ‘trains cross international borders every day of the week’. Continue reading “Train Travel in North Korea – For No One and for the Leaders”

Train Travel in North Korea – Trains for the People

On both of my visits to North Korea (2014 and 2018) trains and the railway system more generally, within the country and beyond, were only mentioned by guides in terms of the Leaders, the very few on which tourists are permitted to travel and the non-existent service to Seoul in South Korea. The overall quality and reliability of the network and, in particular, the domestic service available to locals was not discussed. Continue reading “Train Travel in North Korea – Trains for the People”

Pyongyang Railway Station

Personally, I think Pyongyang’s Railway Station is one of the most beautiful buildings in North Korea but then again I have a thing about railway stations. While many of the high rise buildings built, at the speed of Chollima, in the city in the last five years or so may be as aesthetically pleasing, in their own ways, I wonder about their potential longevity. Continue reading “Pyongyang Railway Station”

Flåm Tickets and Visitor Center


We only spent two days (one night) in Flåm. Given this short time and the fact that I had everything, most importantly our accommodation, the scenic Flåm Railway trip in and our fjord cruise out, booked in advance I had little or no cause to go to the Visitor Center. I had also pre-planned a couple of easy walks and, surprisingly for me, set aside a few hours of doing nothing. There was also the railway museum which I had noted as a must see. Continue reading “Flåm Tickets and Visitor Center”

Flåm Railway – Flåmsbana


The Flåm Railway, or Flåmsbana in Norwegian, opened in 1940. From an engineering perspective this railway is an amazing feat. Europe’s steepest railway, it rises, and indeed falls, 864 metres in a distance of only 20.2 kms – with gradients of 1 in 18 (5.5%) along 80% of the distance. This is quite something for a standard gauge track with not a cog in sight – or indeed in existence. Continue reading “Flåm Railway – Flåmsbana”