The Kumgangsan Chongnyon Railway Line – North Korea

Having left Wonsan our next stop was Mt Kumgang, three hours drive to the south, and to get there we drove along the (mainly) coastal National Highway 7 (AH6). For much of the way the highway runs in close proximity to the Kumgangsan Chongnyon railway line. Being a bit of a railway buff I enjoyed a bit of train station spotting en route to Mt Kumgang though sadly did not see any trains. In this post I share a few details on the line together with a few pictures of the stations I passed as well as a few other railway related snaps.

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Goulburn Train Station – Building and History

For a number of years before the station was finally opened in 1869, Goulburn had been agitating for a railway link with Sydney. The Sydney Railway Company had been formed in 1849 and the first steam railway in Australia was conceived, designed and built to run between Sydney and Goulburn and so it did, in 1869. Four of the company’s six founding directors were from Goulburn and all had vested interests in getting a train (freight service) to Goulburn up and running. Continue reading “Goulburn Train Station – Building and History”

Adelaide Railway Station


As city railway stations go, Adelaide’s central railway station (though not the grand building housing it) is small. There is good reason for this, Adelaide’s metro fleet is small and there are no longer any regular country train services in South Australia departing from here, or anywhere else. Further, interstate services including the famous Indian Pacific (Perth to Sydney), the Ghan (Adelaide to Darwin) and the Overland (Adelaide to Melbourne) now depart from Keswick Station in one of the city’s inner west suburbs. Continue reading “Adelaide Railway Station”