Adelaide Casino And Its Marble Hall


When I visited the Adelaide Casino this time around I didn’t come with the intention of having a flutter but rather with the sole desire to see the Marble Hall, the first room (and main table gaming area) you encounter when you enter the Casino via its main entrance on Station Road. Continue reading “Adelaide Casino And Its Marble Hall”


Adelaide Railway Station


As city railway stations go, Adelaide’s central railway station (though not the grand building housing it) is small. There is good reason for this, Adelaide’s metro fleet is small and there are no longer any regular country train services in South Australia departing from here, or anywhere else. Further, interstate services including the famous Indian Pacific (Perth to Sydney), the Ghan (Adelaide to Darwin) and the Overland (Adelaide to Melbourne) now depart from Keswick Station in one of the city’s inner west suburbs. Continue reading “Adelaide Railway Station”

Eleanor’s Cross at Charing


On the death of his long time wife, Eleanor of Castile, at Harby in Nottinghamshire, close to the city of Lincoln, in 1290, King Edward I, commonly known as Edward Longshanks due to his tall statue for the time, was grief stricken and distraught and spoke of his “Queen of Good Memory” as he referred to her thus: “whom living we dearly cherished, and whom dead we cannot cease to love”. Continue reading “Eleanor’s Cross at Charing”