Other Civic and Private Buildings in Goulburn

I have written a number of posts on individual buildings in Goulburn.

This post is a compendium review on a number of other civic and privately constructed buildings in the city that I find particularly interesting. It is by no means intended to be fully inclusive and there are many other beautiful buildings for the visitor to explore on their own account – the statuary in my main picture above adorns one such building, the former Australian Mutual Provident Society on Auburn Street. The centre of the city is small so just park your vehicle and go for a wander. Continue reading “Other Civic and Private Buildings in Goulburn”

The Goulburn Club

The Goulburn Club, ‘a social club for gentlemen’ until 1988 when it opened up to anyone wishing to join or visit, was established in 1877. It originally met as a group of whist players in the Commercial Hotel then located on the corner of Market Street and Sloane Street – less than one hundred metres to the right of the current club premises and now the site of the Goulburn Soldiers Club (worthy a visit in its own right). Continue reading “The Goulburn Club”

Port Admiral Hotel and Coach House


The hotels and drinking establishments covered in my heritage pub trail (crawl) review all had one thing in common. They were in operation and awaited your business.

I am delighted to report that the Port Admiral Hotel which closed in 2006 and has lain derelict ever since has been renovated and it opened for business again in November 2017. It should certainly be added to your trail (or, as the case may be, crawl). Lest you wonder, my attached pictures of the hotel are in its pre-renovated state! Continue reading “Port Admiral Hotel and Coach House”

Ægir Brewery and Pub: “Atmospheric Beer Drinking”


After all the walking, cycling, train and boat travel you’ve done in and around Flåm you are going to need a drink and there is no better place for that than the Ægir Brewery and Pub right in the village centre. Of course, engaging in one or more of these activities in not a pre-requisite to having a drink here! Continue reading “Ægir Brewery and Pub: “Atmospheric Beer Drinking””