The Railway and north Goulburn

Anyone who has been to Goulburn and up the Rocky Hill War Memorial will immediately recognise the viaduct in my main picture above. When you come down into town it is nowhere to be seen and unless you know exactly where you are going it’s actually hard to find it. Big though it is, you will not stumble across it. Continue reading “The Railway and north Goulburn”

Hamhung – Overview Part A – Introduction and Background

Hamhung, on the east coast of North Korea, is the country’s second largest city and a major industrial centre and port. It is the capital of South Hamyong Province and has a population of nearly 800,000 or less than a third that of the capital, Pyongyang which lies some six to eight hours away by road and much more by train. It took me ten hours to get there as we had a couple of scheduled stops, and one unscheduled one, along the way. Continue reading “Hamhung – Overview Part A – Introduction and Background”

Heritage Tower – Former Derry Gaol


This is the last remaining tower of a former gaol, the remainder of which was demolished in 1973. While the original gaol was built in 1791 the towers were an 1824 addition with this one being a hanging tower. This was the City’s third prison and replaced ones at the junction of Bishop Street and the Diamond (1620) and one at Ferryquay Gate (1676). Continue reading “Heritage Tower – Former Derry Gaol”

Prisoners In Paradise


Most visitors sunning themselves, snorkelling and otherwise enjoying themselves on Kuto Beach would be totally oblivious to the fact that most 19th century visitors to the Ile des Pins spent their time here locked up in cells with no opportunity to enjoy the island and its beaches as today’s visitors do. They would be oblivious to the fact that the island’s main colonial prison was a short distance from the beach. Continue reading “Prisoners In Paradise”