Fine Public Buildings and a Gaol Museum in Cooma

With the discovery of gold at nearby Kiandra in 1859 and a resultant gold rush starting in 1860 – short-lived though it was – Cooma rapidly expanded from a minor settlement. Between 1851 and 1911 the population grew from 47 to 2,330. Continue reading “Fine Public Buildings and a Gaol Museum in Cooma”

The Royal Mail


One of the few things you can buy, by way of souvenir, on Ascension Island is stamps and other philatelic items from the Post Office in Georgetown. I will refer to this again in a ‘shopping” review. Here I will relate a little about to-day’s and yesteryear’s stamps and mail services to the island. Continue reading “The Royal Mail”

The Post Master General’s Flirtatious Maid


When I admired the former General Post Office (GPO) spandrels, or rather the adornments thereon, I had never heard of a spandrel – though, as it turns out, I have seen and admired many. Lest my reader be as ignorant as I in architectural nomenclature, a spandrel is the space between two arches or between an arch and a rectangular enclosure.

When admiring the former GPO building do make your way around to the Pitt Street side of the building and look up at the spandrels. Continue reading “The Post Master General’s Flirtatious Maid”

The General Post Office (Former)


While no longer a post office, the exterior of this building, thankfully, retains its classical elegance and beauty. The interior which now, in the main, comprises the lobby, bars and restaurants of the Westin Sydney Hotel, retains a significant number of architectural features of the former post office but it’s just not the same and to me more resembles the recreated architecture of a Las Vegas casino than the original building interior that it actually was. That said, what’s here is better than nothing, and I do especially like that part of the original ceiling which remains accessible to pubic view as depicted in picture four attached. Continue reading “The General Post Office (Former)”