Sherwood Homestead (Former) Walk Via Blue Range Hut

Generally when people do this walk they do it in either spring or autumn. This lets them enjoy either the display of daffodils still growing on the site of the long abandoned Sherwood Homestead or the sight of a range of exotic deciduous trees as their leaves transform from green to an assortment of browns, yellows and reds before finally drifting to the ground in the former homestead gardens.

Not being one to follow the crowd I visited in the winter. Continue reading “Sherwood Homestead (Former) Walk Via Blue Range Hut”

Uriarra Loop Walk

Having enjoyed a bird’s eye view of the Murrumbidgee River and the surrounding hills and countryside from Shepherd’s Lookout and the Molonglo River Track as I made my way down from the Lookout to the Molonglo River it was time for a gentler, though in part undulating, walk at river level. Continue reading “Uriarra Loop Walk”

Salthorse: “When Visiting Garden Island…”


There are two eating options on Garden Island.

The first is to bring your own food/picnic. This is an entirely feasible option given the lovely lawn areas on which you can sit and eat right on the foreshore of Sydney Harbour. Should you prefer it, there are a number of tables and seats which you can use. Although I didn’t notice them, there are free bbq facilities if you want to go the whole hog and cook. Continue reading “Salthorse: “When Visiting Garden Island…””

Picnic in the Park – Don’t Get Lost!

Picnic in the Park

If you havn’t read my general review, ‘Moranbong Park Walk – S**t happens’, may I suggest you do so before reading this review.

Having walked through the Moranbong Park to the top of the hill (an easy walk) we were invited into a smaller grassy area where seven or eight groups of people were sitting in circles bbq’ing, eating, chatting, singing folk songs and drinking beer and sojo (a local drink). There were about seven or eight people in each group with additional kids running around. Basically a picnic scene you would find in any popular park on a nice Sunday or holiday afternoon. Continue reading “Picnic in the Park – Don’t Get Lost!”

Moranbong Youth Park Walk – S**t Happens

Moranbong Youth Park

While having lunch we were advised that our first post lunch activity would be a walk in the park – a ‘star attraction’ of our trip. We would be able to see ordinary people having a picnic and generally enjoying their day off. As it was Kim Il-sungs 102nd birthday bash there would be more people than normal in the park so we needed to ensure we didn’t get lost – read veer away from our guides. Continue reading “Moranbong Youth Park Walk – S**t Happens”