The Gabriel Gallery


Residents of Australia and others familiar with its hardware stores will be wondering why the main picture in a review of a photographic gallery depicts a Mitre 10 hardware store. Well, it so happens that the Gabriel Gallery occupies most of the first floor of Butcher Roberts Mitre 10 store. To get to the gallery you have to walk through the store and ascend the narrow steep stairs at the back. Continue reading “The Gabriel Gallery”


The Pre-nocturnal habits of newlyweds in North Korea


My Reader will be familiar with the fact that in many countries newlyweds seek out special spots for their wedding photographs. Such spots are typically spots of outstanding beauty so you will come across newlyweds having their photos taken in parks and gardens, by waterfalls, at old castles and so on. Such photo shoots are invariably private affairs and typically do not involve tourists. Continue reading “The Pre-nocturnal habits of newlyweds in North Korea”

Sinchon Museum of American War Atrocities

Those who have read others of my North Korea entries will be aware of what North Korea thinks of the United States. Since 1866 when the US warship, the General Sherman, was destroyed and all its crew killed after it sailed up the Taedong River seeking to engage in trade with, and land missionaries in, the country against the expressed wishes of the Korean Imperial Court, the United States has been seen as the very devil incarnate. The US continues to be held responsible for everything negative in North Korea. Every opportunity to demean, belittle, humiliate and insult the US is availed of. Continue reading “Sinchon Museum of American War Atrocities”

Other Extra Curriculum Activity


Not all children make it to the Students and Children’s Palace for its wide range of fun extra curriculum activities. Many, the non-elite, are forced engage in less fun extra curriculum activities (assuming they go to school at all). For city children this frequently appears to mean sweeping the streets and other public areas. While these children, tidying up around Kim Il-sung’s statue on Mount Janam seemed perfectly happy to engage with us and have their photos taken it wasn’t long until we were told by our guide to desist from taking photos of the kids (clearly from less well to do families) as we were frightening and upsetting them! Continue reading “Other Extra Curriculum Activity”

Photography in North Korea

A Totally Acceptable Photograph in North Korea

There are numerous rules for tourists in North Korea. The ones around photography are the most complicated, confusing and inconsistent.

Very few visitors, apart from those who have no camera, make it through a tour of North Korea without being counselled on their photography – or rather, being told off for taking a photo when they should not have. Continue reading “Photography in North Korea”