No Horns Or Tails Were Removed – A Pictorial Review

When many people think of North Korea, due to propaganda in the press, sensationalised blogs/ other social media and other biases and preconceptions they often think only of a wicked dictatorship now in possession of nuclear weapons and readying itself to take over the world while its people are brainwashed, starving and sent to gulags and re-education camps for the most trivial of offences or no offence at all. A growing number of people believe that the best way of dealing with these problems is to blow North Korea of the face of the earth. Continue reading “No Horns Or Tails Were Removed – A Pictorial Review”

Reflections on the Lake


On a nice calm day, of which we have many in Canberra, with the right cloud conditions you can see some wonderful reflections on Lake Burley Griffin as you walk along the northern shoreline of the central basin, as I did last weekend. While I am far from a skilled photographer and use a relatively simple point and click camera I hope the photos attached create a favourable impression. Continue reading “Reflections on the Lake”