Tonghung Hill – The Eternal Leaders in Hamhung

If you need a hill, overlooking the city, preferably at the end of one of its main avenues, on which to erect massive statues of the Great Leader and, later, the Dear Leader and you don’t have one, what do you do? Well, naturally you build one, and especially so in North Korea.

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Smell the Roses -Victoria Park Rose Gardens

Goulburn has for a long time been seen as little more than a highway stop and a place to see the Big Merino (see separate review on this oversized ram) en-route between Canberra/Melbourne and Sydney. In 1992 the Hume Highway bypassed the city by a few kilometres and to make matters worse, eateries and fuel stations set up at one of the highway turnoffs and soon the Big Merino was moved there as well. Many saw the bypass as a death knell for the main part of the city. Continue reading “Smell the Roses -Victoria Park Rose Gardens”

Belmore Park – The Living Heart of Goulburn

The centrepiece or living heart of Goulburn is the beautiful Belmore Park, a peaceful green oasis in the centre of one of the cleanest and tidiest cities (while officially a city it only has a population of 24,000) that I have visited. The Park is full of interesting things in itself, it has a few good cafes around about it and all of the city’s central attractions are within an easy walk. Continue reading “Belmore Park – The Living Heart of Goulburn”

Palmerville Heritage Park – Imagine the History

Strolling down the main red gravel avenue within Palmerville Heritage Park my mind wandered back one hundred and fifty years. I was imagining a Victorian couple out for a Sunday promanade along the pathway lined with gorgeous elms and poplars. It had that feel, notwithstanding the very un-British temperature when I visited – somewhere in the mid thirties (centigrade). Continue reading “Palmerville Heritage Park – Imagine the History”

Red Hill Lookout – Why so called?


Red Hill ridge separates the central Canberra valley from the Woden Valley to the south and affords excellent views of both Canberra and Woden (the city’s first ‘new town’). Most likely named after the red soil in the area (or perhaps the autumn tree colours), the summit is 734 metres high. Like Mount Ainslie and Black Mountain Reserve there are numerous walking/cycling tracks on Red Hill. Continue reading “Red Hill Lookout – Why so called?”

Alice in (Rymill Park) Wonderland


Outside the Adelaide Botanic Garden and the Adelaide Himeji (Japanese) Garden I have never been overly impressed with Adelaide city’s parks and gardens. The city’s hot dry summers are not conducive to luscious green lawns. The park most often proffered as the place to relax is Elder Park by the Torrens River behind the Festival Centre.

I actually find Elder Park, while very convenient in the city centre, rather average and not at all restful. For a more relaxing break from sightseeing, etc I recommend Rymill Park (sometimes referred to by its other rather non-endearing name – Park 14) Continue reading “Alice in (Rymill Park) Wonderland”