Horden Park -How The Headland Used To Be


Hordern Park is named after Mr A J Hordern, whom the Sydney Morning Herald referred to as ‘ one of her {Sydney’s} most competent and kindly tree and flower lovers’ on his death in 1932. It is a small park located at the southern end of Palm Beach providing access between the beach and Florida Road – about half way up the headland where you can admire some of the grandest residences in Sydney, particularly if you continue on up (via a set of very steep steps located across Florida Road from the Park) to Pacific Road, atop the headland. Continue reading “Horden Park -How The Headland Used To Be”


Bastion Hill Park


Bastion Hill or Bastejkalns Park is a delightful little park located on the eastern side of the Daugava River between the Old City and the newer central part of Riga. The park itself is divided in two by, or perhaps more accurately runs along the banks of, the winding Pilsētas Canal, formally a moat and part of the Old City’s defensive system which was pulled down in the mid 19th century making way for the park. Continue reading “Bastion Hill Park”

Commonwealth Park – Go Promenade!


Why don’t people promenade any more?

Every time I visit Commonwealth Park I am somewhat taken aback by the paucity of people out enjoying this beautiful park. I often wonder (and I have been here 16 years), as do visitors, where do Canberrans go at weekends. Why are they not out enjoying the delights of this great city? Their loss is the visitor’s gain. Continue reading “Commonwealth Park – Go Promenade!”

Castle Archdale Country Park

The original building on Castle Archdale estate, and the one which gives it its name, was a Plantation castle built in 1615 for the English ‘undertaker’ planter, John Archdale from Suffolk, on land granted to him in 1612. An ‘undertaker’ planter was a landlord who was given a large estate of land at a low rent in exchange for an undertaking to settle ten English or Scottish families on each 1000 acres of land received. Continue reading “Castle Archdale Country Park”

Picnic in the Park – Don’t Get Lost!

Picnic in the Park

If you havn’t read my general review, ‘Moranbong Park Walk – S**t happens’, may I suggest you do so before reading this review.

Having walked through the Moranbong Park to the top of the hill (an easy walk) we were invited into a smaller grassy area where seven or eight groups of people were sitting in circles bbq’ing, eating, chatting, singing folk songs and drinking beer and sojo (a local drink). There were about seven or eight people in each group with additional kids running around. Basically a picnic scene you would find in any popular park on a nice Sunday or holiday afternoon. Continue reading “Picnic in the Park – Don’t Get Lost!”