Salaspils Concentration Camp Memorial


“The earth moans beyond this gate’

These are the words inscribed on the face of the massive concrete structure  which serves as the gateway to the former Salaspils (Kurtenhof) concentration camp. Continue reading “Salaspils Concentration Camp Memorial”

The Corner House – Former KGB Building


While the infamous Corner House (on the corner of Brivibas iela and Stabu iela – Lenin and Friedrich Engels Streets in Soviet times) ceased to be a place of terror and repression when Latvia gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 it was with some trepidation that I entered through the door on the corner of the building and picked up my ‘access pass’ from a counter just inside the entry. Continue reading “The Corner House – Former KGB Building”

Museum of the Occupation of Latvia (1940 -1991)


Thankfully most of us have not lived in situations where we have been oppressed for most of our lives. We have not had our freedom taken away by tyrannical regimes, been incarcerated or exiled for crimes we did not commit, lost our loved ones without trace, been persecuted for our religious convictions or lost everything with no recompense. Continue reading “Museum of the Occupation of Latvia (1940 -1991)”