Jamestown Museum

Jamestown Museum

I must say this museum is quite a pleasant surprise and worthy an hour or more of your time. It is a very modern, well maintained, museum opened in 2002 to coincide with the Island’s quincentenary celebrations. Continue reading “Jamestown Museum”

Sandy Bay and the Inebriated Chinese Pig

Sandy Bay

Sandy Bay is the name of a relatively large district on the opposite side of the Island to Jamestown, the capital. However, when tourists refer to Sandy Bay they inevitably mean the small bay and beach area in the centre of a long extinct volcanic crater. Continue reading “Sandy Bay and the Inebriated Chinese Pig”

St Helena – The World’s Most Expensive Coffee

St Helena Coffee

I am certainly someone who enjoys a good cup of coffee but prior to getting to St Helena I didn’t realise that coffee was grown there and I certainly didn’t realise it was one, if not the only product exported by St Helena. St Helena coffee is one of the world’s rarest and most expensive coffees – the former perhaps accounting more for the latter than the taste though I don’t mean to underrate the quality. This coffee – St Helena Green Tipped Bourbon – retails for around US$90 per pound or over US$200 per kilo, of the island. Continue reading “St Helena – The World’s Most Expensive Coffee”

Briar’s Pavilion – Napoleon’s Bedsit

Briar’s Pavilion

My Reader will be aware (if only from my earlier review – Famous Visitors and Napoleon) that following his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, Napoleon was exiled to St Helena.

The Governor of St Helena was advised of Napoleon’s exile to the Island when he was already en route. Where was his uninvited guest going to stay? Continue reading “Briar’s Pavilion – Napoleon’s Bedsit”