University of Sydney – Nicholson Museum


What a great and unexpected treasure that I more or less stumbled upon here.

The Nicholson Antiquity Museum in the University of Sydney has the largest collection of antiquities in the Southern Hemisphere (don’t get over excited, it’s still a small museum viewable in detail in an hour). While having no world famous pieces it has quite a range of things tastily displayed and labelled and, as such, is well worth a visit. Continue reading “University of Sydney – Nicholson Museum”

Macleay Museum – University of Sydney

17The first thing I must say about this small but wonderful natural history museum is that it on the top floor of the Macleay Building on Science Road and you must enter the building at the end furthest away from the University of Sydney’s Great Hall (where you will see a sign for the museum) and not the other end as I did, only to have to clamber back down three flights of stairs and up them again at the correct end of the building. Continue reading “Macleay Museum – University of Sydney”

The Forgotten War (Korean War)


The ‘Conflicts 1945 to Today’ galleries at the Australian War Memorial commemorate Australia’s post WWII war and peace-keeping operations. The galleries cover Korea, Malaya and Indonesia, Vietnam, Afghanistan and the two Gulf Wars.

In this review I would like to go into a little more detail on what is often referred to as the ‘Forgotten War” – the Korean War. Continue reading “The Forgotten War (Korean War)”

World War II at the Australian War Memorial


“Fellow Australians, it is my melancholy duty to inform you officially, that in consequence of a persistence by Germany in her invasion of Poland, Great Britain has declared war upon her and that, as a result, Australia is also at war. No harder task can fall to the lot of a democratic leader than to make such an announcement.” Continue reading “World War II at the Australian War Memorial”