Parliament House – Canberra


For me this is one of the most architecturally interesting and satisfying buildings not only in Australia but in the world and is certainly a major contrast to the previous building – Old Parliament House – which was only ever intended to be a temporary home for the Australian Parliament, albeit a temporary home that lasted 61 years. It would be quite unfair to compare the two buildings. Continue reading “Parliament House – Canberra”

National Archives – Certainly Surprised Me


The National Archives of Australia is responsible for keeping federal government records – the Government and Public (Civil) Service filing system if you like. My initial thoughts were what could possibly be of any interest to a visitor among the 40 million odd records created by bureaucrats/armed forces and politicians and held by the National Archives? Then I thought – in 40 million records there must be something of interest and indeed there is – this place holds records ranging from those covering dramatic events that shaped the nation to decisions that impacted the lives of individual Australians. Continue reading “National Archives – Certainly Surprised Me”

Old Parliament House – Museum of Australian Democracy


Unfortunately this magnificent attraction underwent something of an identity crisis and for whatever reason has re-badged itself as the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House with an emphasis on the museum part. This identity crisis, I believe, stems from the move of the National Portrait section to its new permanent home at the newly built National Portrait Gallery in 2008. Continue reading “Old Parliament House – Museum of Australian Democracy”

The Esther Williams Trophy


The thing that most impressed me about the RAN (Royal Australian Navy) Heritage Centre is its focus on the leisure and off-duty activities of sailors at sea and in port (ok, maybe not all of them!). A significant part the Centre’s exhibits is focused on giving the visitor an understanding of what it was, and is, like to live on a warship and an understanding of the traditions and pastimes of the Navy and how these reinforce the spirit of a fighting service. Continue reading “The Esther Williams Trophy”