Paint The Town Any Colour You Like!


I am as much against the wanton destruction of public and private property by graffiti as I am sure you are. Local governments and councils worldwide deal with it every day and we all pay through higher council rates, public transport fares and other taxes to have this vandalism removed. Continue reading “Paint The Town Any Colour You Like!”

The Wharfie’s Mural at the Maritime Museum


The Wharfie’s Mural, part of which is on display in the Australian National Maritime Museum, is a classic example of working class art in Australia.

Socialist realist in style, the mural depicts the lives and struggles of Australian waterside workers as well as major themes in the history of Australian (and indeed international) workers more generally from the mid 1800s to WWII and beyond, all the time exalting the struggle of workers against oppression and extolling the power of unity. Continue reading “The Wharfie’s Mural at the Maritime Museum”