Let’s do the Time Walk in Cooma!

Ok, it’s the Time Walk and not the Time Warp but the name did remind me of Rocky Horror!

The Time Walk is a very interesting and rather unique presentation of the history of Cooma and the Monaro District from Aboriginal times to the present day, though with a concentration on the last two hundred years. Continue reading “Let’s do the Time Walk in Cooma!”


Breakout Creek Wetlands – Nice Detour From Coast


In another review I alluded to the fact that the area around Henley Beach and Grange was formerly highly prized farming land by virtue of the existence of rich alluvial soils. The large expanse of alluvial soil was due to the fact that the Torrens River, until 1934, stopped short of discharging into the sea, being stopped by the bank of sand dunes which runs along this part of the coast. Unable to escape, the river regularly flooded leading to fertile soil in the area. Continue reading “Breakout Creek Wetlands – Nice Detour From Coast”

Parliament House – Canberra


For me this is one of the most architecturally interesting and satisfying buildings not only in Australia but in the world and is certainly a major contrast to the previous building – Old Parliament House – which was only ever intended to be a temporary home for the Australian Parliament, albeit a temporary home that lasted 61 years. It would be quite unfair to compare the two buildings. Continue reading “Parliament House – Canberra”