Wonsan Agricultural University

After a couple of hours drive from Hamhung we arrived at the Wonsan Agricultural University, on the outskirts of the city of Wonsan. As a university this is one of the country’s most prestigious and respected and one of the few at which foreign students can enrol. I don’t know if any have.

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Pohyon Temple – Mt Myohyang


Pohyon Buddhist temple, one of the few places of worship in North Korea open to foreign visitors, dates from 1042 and the Koryo dynasty. It was founded by a monk named Kwanghwak and is named after the saint that guards the morals of Buddha. The current incarnation of the temple mainly dates from post the Korean war (1951-53) when the temple complex was extensively damaged by US bombings with over half of the buildings completely destroyed. Continue reading “Pohyon Temple – Mt Myohyang”